Open Adoptions with Choice Network

Beauty of Open Adoptions

The process of adoption can be an emotional roller coaster. Potential adoptive parents sometimes begin their adoption journey after prolonged heartache from infertility struggles, overexposure to sensationalistic media portrayal of the adoption process, or other negative experiences. Open adoption can sometimes seem less than ideal. As hard as it may seem, offering gratitude and trust as you embrace the parents you’ll be potentially matched with, free from impact of your past negative experiences, leads to healthier, more successful adoptions.

Choosing adoption is not a light decision that is made easily. There are a variety of reasons parents choose to place a child for adoption. A lack of love is never the reason. This open adoption connection including visits, pictures and videos is a gracious way to continue showing the biological parents that the child they loved enough to give a different life is, in fact, living that life they desired.

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