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Thoughts on adoption - my heart and arms are empty


What now?

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A #vision4abortion and adoption aren’t mutually exclusive

If you’ve been following Choice Network social media channels the last couple of weeks, you’ve noticed we’re raising our voice when it comes to being a pro-choice open adoption agency. During this historic week of the 45th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade court decision that legalized abortion in the US, we’re celebrating being one of more than 140 organizations and leaders committed to a new vision for abortion.

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From Coach to Dad: Why open adoption was the right path for Sean

Image of happy child playing in field

Sean Huiet is an assistant volleyball coach at Texas State University, and is known to his athletes as ‘Coach.’ When Sean was ready to add the title of ‘Dad’ to his roster, he knew he could turn to Choice Network for help. 

“For me, going through the adoption process for the first time and being a first time dad, I had a million questions. But with Molly, Joni, and Joe at Choice Network, there were no wrong questions. They walked me through every step, every scenario of what could happen during the adoption process, and I felt prepared,” said Sean.

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Cutting the adoption tax credit is cutting families

The Republican party wants to cut the adoption credit. The credit that is creating families. And by doing so, they will be cutting families. Plain and simple. 

The adoption tax credit had previously been championed with bi-partisan support. It was argued that it was financially and morally better to have children adopted into families than to raise them in state custody. It was created not to fund private or international adoptions, but to encourage more people to adopt from foster care. To that, everyone said “Bravo”.

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How the drug epidemic destroys families – including my own

You’ve read the headlines (‘Drug Deaths in America Are Rising Faster Than Ever’). You’ve heard the disheartening statistics (almost half-a-million Americans have died in the last 15 years from an overdose). The drug and opioid crisis in America is at an all-time high. It is ruining families around the U.S.

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Opening hearts and homes during National Adoption Month

At the end of a long day, with a tucked in child sleeping soundly beside her, Buneka Lucas sits and looks down at this healthy, happy little person. Weary but fulfilled from a long day of work, she hasn’t even changed out of her scrubs yet. She knows her hard work has paid off. Her children will never face the trauma and horrors she endured.

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No one ever asked me what I wanted

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The Unexpected

'Tis the season of expectation. Of waiting. Of longing. And finally... receiving. It's about giving, thanksgiving and excitement.

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What is Pro Love Adoption?

It's Joni here checking in from Choice Network. Exciting news: our Founder Molly was featured on RH Reality Check. RH is an independent media outlet dedicated to addressing reproductive justice issues. With almost 90,000 followers, their voice and advocacy for women's issues is powerful. RH gave Molly's beautiful story of becoming an adoptive mom a space on their online forum. 87 shares and 550 likes later, I feel like we needed to blog about what the new face of adoption looks like and what Pro Love adoption means.

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