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Why we need to redefine family

Feminist Theory has challenged the universality of the 1950s definition of "nuclear family". Through hard work and advocacy, Feminist Theory has broadened what "family" means. If you were to ask someone what the word ‘family’ means today, you may get an answer consisting of, "one or two parents of one or more children". But even this definition remains laden with restrictive ideology. How else would we determine what constitutes a family?

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23,439. Every year, more than 23,000 teens age out of foster care and are never adopted. Each of these 23,000 kids grow up moving from home to home, without having a stable support system to lift them up when they are down or praise them when they are soaring. These 23,000 kids are thrust into adulthood with no resources. No support system. No place to call home.

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Cutting the adoption tax credit is cutting families

The Republican party wants to cut the adoption credit. The credit that is creating families. And by doing so, they will be cutting families. Plain and simple. 

The adoption tax credit had previously been championed with bi-partisan support. It was argued that it was financially and morally better to have children adopted into families than to raise them in state custody. It was created not to fund private or international adoptions, but to encourage more people to adopt from foster care. To that, everyone said “Bravo”.

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8 Phrases about the goodness of open adoption

For most, welcoming a child into your heart and home is one of the most beautiful, joyful and hardest experiences you will ever endure. There is no power this world has to offer, no recognition the world has to give, that many would not trade to be parents. At Choice Network, we want to help carry families up the mountain of adoption to a place of peace. For first families, adoptive families and children we work with, adoption comes before them and behind them. With the knowledge of its goodness, it becomes their light.

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How the drug epidemic destroys families – including my own

You’ve read the headlines (‘Drug Deaths in America Are Rising Faster Than Ever’). You’ve heard the disheartening statistics (almost half-a-million Americans have died in the last 15 years from an overdose). The drug and opioid crisis in America is at an all-time high. It is ruining families around the U.S.

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Opening hearts and homes during National Adoption Month

At the end of a long day, with a tucked in child sleeping soundly beside her, Buneka Lucas sits and looks down at this healthy, happy little person. Weary but fulfilled from a long day of work, she hasn’t even changed out of her scrubs yet. She knows her hard work has paid off. Her children will never face the trauma and horrors she endured.

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Why protesters are not pro-life

The presence of protesters at abortion clinics has long caused heartache, hurt and even death. In the recent “red rose rescue” attacks at two abortion clinics in the U.S. – one in Michigan and one in Virginia – protestors stormed clinic waiting rooms.

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How society failed Lachelle Anderson

Earlier this month, teenage mother Lachelle Anderson was charged in Columbus with the murder of her newborn child. In August, Brooke Skylar Richardson, an 18-year-old in Lebanon, Ohio, was charged with the same crime.

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