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Choice Network Fee Structure

$5,000 Choice Network Application and Acceptance Fee
(non-refundable; due at application & acceptance)

The application will require a signed letter from your agency or attorney stating that you have successfully completed the adoption home study process, including the dates you are approved, and a copy of the home study -- last page with signatures only. For Families in New York and Arizona, we require submission of your Certification Order in its entirety.

With the orientation training, you will learn about the Choice Network domestic infant adoption process and about Choice Network’s vision of open adoption being a true love connection.

$10,000 ChooseLove Now Fee (non-refundable; due to activate profile)

In this stage, the applicant will build their live profile. Here families will begin to see what makes Choice Network different than any other network. We will help you build a cohesive and comprehensive profile to attract potential parents nationwide through our ChooseLove Now site.

$15,000 ChooseLove Forever Fee (non-refundable but transferable if finalization does not occur; due at placement)

Once selected by the first family, the applicant will move from the ChooseLove Now to the ChooseLove Forever site which will support both the initial and the ongoing openness connections. Here is where Choice Network helps develop, activate and maintain an open adoption plan, provides resources and referrals, offers post placement support and offers mediation support for difficult issues. In the application and acceptance stage, you will be given the tools to successfully manage this site on your own.

All families, no matter their level of openness, will have to pay the connection fee.

Methods of Payment

We accept major credit cards (with additional fees) or a certified check to Choice Network. To pay with a major credit card, please contact Choice Network.

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