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It’s about choice: #CelebrateAbortionProviders

Without abortion providers, pregnant people would have no access to safely and factually explore all of their choices. 

When put simply: Abortion care providers are heroes.

And that’s why Choice Network is recognizing the work of independent abortion care providers  across the country this week, in honor of them and in celebration of National Abortion Provider Appreciation Day on March 10.

Like us, abortion providers offer compassionate care. They show courage in the face of restrictions, clinic shutdowns and political interference, all effectively removing choice.

Choice Network is a pro-choice adoption agency, one of only six in the country. This means we support pregnant people's access to ALL choices, including adoption, parenting and abortion. We know this makes us unlikely defenders of abortion clinics being closed.

But, I’ll say it again: if we remove access and opportunity, we remove choice.

You might ask why it is than an adoption agency founder care about abortion and choice. In fact, we face this question and frankly, judgment a lot. I only want pregnant people to pursue adoption if they have peace in their hearts that it's the right choice for them. Without access to safely and factually explore ALL choices, this can't happen. 

And so, Choice Network honors and acknowledges providers and their commitment to putting pregnant people first and treating them with dignity, compassion and respect. Thank you won’t ever be quite enough.

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