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Welcome to the Choice Network Profile Builder

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    Complete online application and training. After successfully completing the online application and orientation training, you're ready to build your profile! Unsure of where to start? We know it can be a bit overwhelming. Talk with your Choice Network Coach for some guidance, and remember these tips:
    • Take the Pressure Off -- be confident in who you are and what you have to offer this child and birth mother. Show your full life -- who are you? What makes you unique?
    • Keep it Real -- Our expectant moms are looking to make a love connection with the family of her dreams for her child. Be authentic -- don't try to "sell" yourself, but showcase who you truly are in your real, everyday life.
    • It's all About Her -- Put yourself in her shoes, facing unexpected pregnancy, yet being brave, loving and selfless enough to choose love now and forever through adoption. How can your words and photos show her love, respect and honor? Why do you want to parent this brave mom's child? Tell her, from the heart.
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    Create your account. This account will give you access to your ChooseLove Now and ChooseLove Forever sites. This is your safe place to document your adoption journey from beginning to end.

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    Complete an "about us" section.This section is where you have the opportunity to talk about your family, hobbies, passions, career, religion and all the important things that you would like to share with a woman considering or choosing adoption. Here you also can share child preferences you may have. You will also complete an "about you" section. Here is where you will pour your heart out to the potential woman who will choose you, and fill her with confidence, gratitude and hope. Remember this process is about a connection based on long term compatibility, so here is where you tell your own authentic story.

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    Add pictures that represent your beautifull life.TThe pictures may be of happy times, vacations, your home, your pets, etc. It is a place to give the family choosing adoption a glimpse into your life.

    Complete a recording of your "family tagline". This tagline will go with the picture you choose to be your profile picture. This will be the first thing women will see and hear! Remember, authenticity is key.

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    Add videos that represent your full life. The videos take the pictures one step further by allowing your true spirit to connect and shine.

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    Enter the characteristics that you prefer in the child you will adopt These characteristics will be accessible to the woman choosing adoption to help her know what feels right for you. Be as open as your heart allows here!

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    Complete your private questionnaire that will be only privately accessible to your Choice Network coach only. This information will be used to help make the perfect connection for you.

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    Submit your profile! The profile you've built will be reviewed and approved by your Choice Network coach prior to being activated. Our goal is to make sure it represents you and all you have to offer in this powerful journey.

Begin Building your profile!

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