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When “Protecting Women” Puts More Women in Jeapardy

In August of 2023, Pro-Choice Ohio released an investigative report on Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPC’s) This blog shares some key take aways about the impact of their practices in Ohio.

One of the rallying cries you’ll hear from CPCs and anti-abortion extremists is the phrase “protect women.” But let’s unpack what actually happens.

When it comes to Crisis Pregnancy Centers, these places often pretend to be healthcare facilities, but in reality, they’re known for feeding pregnant people false or misleading information. They can get pretty pushy, using all sorts of tactics, like shame, to discourage folks from considering abortion.

And who do they target? People from low-income Black and Brown communities, vulnerable young people, and those with less education. These folks might think they are getting proper medical care, but they end up getting deceived, delaying the real care they need and putting themselves at risk for maternal and infant health problems.

With 124 CPCs in Ohio, and only ONE actual pregnancy care center with all options, we are looking at a public health crisis.

And things can get even worse as anti-choice groups aim to expand the CPC network, which already boasts over 3,000 centers across the country.

If you’re pregnant, you deserve to have access to accurate, supportive guidance. And thousands of pregnant people are desperately seeking that in Ohio, but lack resources within their community to adequately receive it. Just in 2020, there were about 165,500 pregnancies in Ohio. Out of those, 26% were people who would have preferred to be pregnant later or nat at all, and another 17% were unsure if they even wanted to be pregnant. That’s roughly 71,595 Ohioans each year who could use some help navigating an unplanned pregnancy.

But with Ohio’s 124 CPC, there are very few alternatives for those looking for genuine support. Finding a trustworthy resource is nearly impossible, especially since CPCs have kind of flooded Google search results.

These CPCS have pretty misleading names like “Women’s Care Centry,” “Pregnancy Decision Health Centers” and “The Women’s Clinic of Columbus.” They are designed to make clients think they’re visiting legitimate medical facilities for women’s healthcare. The catch? These centers often lack any medical personnel and offer limited medically-related services like over-the-counter pregnancy tests.

With maternal mortality rates steadily rising in Columbus, it’s imperative that pregnant people get the care they need and deserve. Pregnant? You have options. JustChoice is a safe haven from anti-abortion centers. We are a pro-choice, all-options center. We offer abortion referrals, adoption guidance, and respite + resources for parents.


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