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Clearing Up Confusion around Issue 1

Regardless of the outcome of Issue 1, JustChoice is working hard to make sure women and pregnant people in Ohio have access to all options, abortion, adoption, and parenting support.

A recent article by NBC News’ Adam Edelman clearly breaks down why we need to do what we can to further clarify Issue 1 in November’s Ohio election.

“In August, Ohio voters overwhelmingly rejected Issue 1, a Republican-backed ballot measure that would have made it harder to protect abortion rights.

In November, Issue 1 will be on the ballot again. But this time, voting for the ballot measure would enshrine abortion rights in the state constitution.

Confused?” he asked.

Yes Adam, folks are confused. So let’s clear it up.

Reproductive rights group, including Ohioans for Reproductive Rights, are working to educate voters. Here are some key points from this article to make it crystal clear:

  1. In August, Ohio voters rejected Issue 1, then a measure aimed to make it harder to protect abortion rights, primarily by raising the threshold for future constitutional amendments to pass to 60% from the current majority requirement.
  2. In November, Issue 1 will appear on the ballot again, but this time, voting for it would enshrine abortion rights in the states constitution.
  3. This change in the purpose of Issue 1, has created confusion among voters, but anti-abortion groups are not concerned with voter confusion, and their strategy has been tying the matter to parental rights.
  4. Some reproductive rights groups have named that labeling both the August and November proposals as Issue 1 is an attempt to intentionally create confusion, while Frank LaRose, Ohio’s Secretary of State, names that it was a result of an Ohio law, not a strategic decision.
  5. This highlights the ongoing tension of reproductive rights and abortion access in Ohio. Regardless of the election results, the anti-abortion movement is well funded, and going to continuously target reproductive rights in Ohio.

We know it’s important for all voters to have clear, concise and accurate information. Just like it’s important for all pregnant people to have access to clear, concise and accurate information. JustChoice is committed to providing people with the information they need to make informed decisions, whether that’s in the voting booth, or with their pregnancy.

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