YWCA Columbus and JustChoice Join Forces to Provide Mutual Aid + Access for Pregnant Women in Central Ohio | JustChoice


YWCA Columbus and JustChoice Join Forces to Provide Mutual Aid + Access for Pregnant Women in Central Ohio

Columbus, Ohio — November 8, 2023 — YWCA Columbus is thrilled to announce an urgent collaboration with JustChoice, a local nonprofit organization, to enhance services for pregnant people in need within the Columbus community.

Our unwavering commitment at JustChoice is grounded in the belief that individuals facing pregnancy decisions deserve unimpeded access to information, free from misinformation, confusion, and shame. Our focus is not on politics or religion, but on supporting families. We recognize that Roe v. Wade represents a baseline, not a limit. We see an opportunity to redefine the narrative, and that's precisely what we're doing at JustChoice. Founded on the fundamental principle that ethical adoption decisions require a comprehensive understanding of all pregnancy options, including abortion, we proudly stand as one of the few nationwide organizations endorsed by the pro-choice movement. Our support extends to abortion care, adoption, and parenting programs.

Starting today, YWCA Columbus will provide space and support for JustChoice to store essential resources and meet with expectant mothers seeking mutual support and guidance to make informed choices for themselves and their families.

The partnership between YWCA Columbus and JustChoice signifies a united effort to address the unique and urgent needs of pregnant women facing important decisions during an often challenging time in their lives. The success of this partnership demonstrates that by working together, community organizations can address the unique and urgent needs of pregnant women effectively. They can share resources, knowledge, and support systems, ultimately ensuring that women facing challenging decisions have the information and assistance they need to make choices that are truly best for themselves and their families.

In this way, the united effort between YWCA Columbus and JustChoice not only benefits the individual women they serve but also contributes to the broader success of our communities by building mutual aid and strength through coalitions. This inspiring partnership sets a heartwarming example for our community, showcasing the incredible potential of united organizations to provide tools that empower women, strengthen families, and drive positive change, making it a story that deserves to be shared with the world.

Key Benefits of the Collaboration:

Resource Access: JustChoice will have dedicated space at the YWCA Columbus downtown headquarters to store and distribute resources like maternity and baby supplies, informational materials, and referrals to essential services.

Guidance and Support: Pregnant women seeking support and guidance will have the opportunity to meet with JustChoice's experienced counselors, who provide a safe and non-judgmental space to discuss their options and access support.

Tools for Empowerment: The collaboration emphasizes empowering pregnant women to make informed choices regarding their pregnancies, parenting, and reproductive health. YWCA Columbus and JustChoice will work together to ensure that each woman has the information, resources, and support necessary to have access to the choice that aligns with her values and circumstances.


Liz of YWCA: “The commitment JustChoice has to empowering women's choices and right to self-determination is exactly aligned to YWCA Columbus' mission of eliminating racism and empowering women. We look forward to working together to ensure people in need can access the support of JustChoice.”

Molly of JustChoice: "We are truly excited about this collaboration with YWCA Columbus and the impact it can have on equipping pregnant women with the tools they need to make choices that align with their values and circumstances. This partnership allows us to further our mission of promoting reproductive justice, ensuring that every woman has the support and resources necessary to make informed decisions during their pregnancy journey."

How to Access Services:

Pregnant women in need of support or access to resources can call or text JustChoice at 614.551.4642 or go to justchoice.org to schedule an appointment or learn more about available services.

About YWCA Columbus:

YWCA Columbus is a leading nonprofit organization dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women, and promoting peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for all. With a rich history, YWCA Columbus provides a range of programs and services to support the diverse needs of women and families in the Columbus area.

About JustChoice

JustChoice (formerly Choice Network) provides factual information, affirmative counsel, and barrier free support to pregnant people, people seeking to parent, and at-risk parents and their children — without judgment of their circumstances, identities, or choices.

For media inquiries and interview requests, please contact:

Elizabeth Brown
CEO of YWCA Columbus
65 S 4th Street
Columbus, Ohio

Molly Rampe Thomas
Founder + CEO of JustChoice
693 ½ High Street
Worthington, Ohio


JustChoice's number to text 614 - 551 - 4642